Electric heating thermal oil heater is a new type of special industrial boiler that is safe, energy efficient, low pressure (normal pressure or lower gas pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy.

For the electric thermal oil heater, the heat is generated and transmitted by the electric heating element immersed in the heat transfer oil, and the heat transfer oil is used as the medium, and the circulating heat pump is used to force the heat transfer oil to perform liquid phase circulation.

1. Petroleum and chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced insulation, etc.

2. Plastics and rubber industry: hot pressing, calendering, extrusion, kneading, internal mixing, vulcanization molding, injection molding machine, etc.

3. Wood industry: laminated board, plywood, fiberboard pressure forming, laminated board heating, hot pressing board heating, oil press temperature control, wood drying, gluing machine heating, etc.

4. Oil industry: fatty acid distillation, oil decomposition, concentration, esterification, vacuum odor, temperature control of the reactor, heating of the reactor, etc.

5. Textile printing and dyeing industry: heat capacity dyeing, drying room heating, heat setting roller heating, etc.