Vertical design electric steam boiler ,Nearly 100% thermal efficiency–quiet, clean, more in line with environmental requirements.All electrical components with CE and UL marks –ensure safety and long life service.Quickly start and stop, big operation load adjusting range,easily handling.

For the paper industry, the cooking process is an important link, a complex chemical and chemical process. In the automatic control of the cooking process, since the measurement of the temperature of the slurry is much more difficult than the measurement of the pressure, we can indirectly control the temperature of the slurry by controlling the pressure according to the corresponding relationship between the temperature and the saturated steam of the electric steam boiler.

It is reflected in the actual control process, that is, the temperature of the pulp is adjusted by controlling the opening of the saturated steam valve.

Generally, the electric steam boiler is equipped with a pulp boiling pot to separate plant materials such as trees, grass, and waste paper into fibers. Therefore, the electric steam boiler is very versatile in the entire papermaking process.