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【customer】 welcome Mr.MUBARAK to factory inspection

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After the signing of the contract, the Mr.MUBARAK came to our factory for the final product details and expressed its suggestion and affirmation. This small series of Weifu representatives expressed heartfelt thanks!

Let's look at us and our customers below.

Customer photo

Client and WNS series boilers

Customer photo

Boiler introduction:

Above boilers  use international  most mature three-pass all wet back structure,safety and reliable .Use waveform furnace ,strengthens the disturbance of the smoke and increases the radiation heat transfer area ;increases the stiffness of the furnace and effectively reduces the thermal stress of the furnace;enhance heat transfer and promote the combustion of fuel in the furnace.The heating surface is arranged symmetrically with solid structural strength and reasonable water circulation .Boiler up part inside has full water capacity ,big steam space and good quality steam .During procession ,the water level fluctuation is small .Big distance between two ends boiler ,big diameter of tubes ,all of these ensure good natural circulation . Steam boiler with very small heat loss  because of unique furnace and flue gas thermal surface design .

Pre purge function, improve the working conditions of the burner and prolong the service life .

The unique design of the combustion chamber, increasing the radiation heating furnace area, shrinking the size of  boiler, reducing NOx emissions.

Two ends smoke box  multi-level sealed to avoid smoke leakage .

Large steam room and high quality steam.

Aboved horizontal structure boiler ,with adequate heating area, full heat transfer ,stable operating under load revise ,high combustion efficiency. Boiler furnace located at low position ,ensurethe safety range of the water level.Big steam evaporation surface, high quality steam .



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