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[case study] custom site electric hot water boiler engineering site map

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Wilford new electric water boiler (heating), directly taken by Wilford customer service and technical personnel at the scene.

First of all, let's first briefly understand this hot water boiler


No noise, no pollution, clean and sanitary, is true real green products.

Using high-quality stainless steel or alloy steel materials electric heating tubes to ensure long-term boiler safety operation .

Professional standard control cabinet-advanced technology - standardized production - high-level protection.

Using electricity as heating source ,no smoke output loss ,heating efficiency could up to 98%.

Thermal power lower than 300,000 cal-boiler and electrical control all in one design .Thermal power  more than 300,000 cal -Boiler and control cabinet is separate .Different design and structure ,easily for installation and maintenance.

Clear mark for wiring connecting ,great convenient for local installation. 

High-performance electromagnetic controller (frequent moves more than one million), build-in  branch fuse protection,  120V  fuse transformer,  power switch directions.

Fully automatic operation process control, step-by-step heating element control, recycling start or stop, automatic water supply, automatic alarm for water shortages/over-temperature  as well as leakage protection.

We could help design heat preservation equipment .Making good use of electric power cost between on-peak and off-peak, heating system economy of running is enhanced. 

electric hot water boiler.jpg

Customer case real map

Customer case real map.jpg

Customers with two sets of Wilford electric hot water boiler output hot water through the heat exchanger circulation, to ensure that users demand.

electric hot water boiler detail 2.JPG

The whole process of Wilford

Wilford after-sale technology can be purchased to the boiler you purchased a series of services such as maintenance, so that you buy at ease


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