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Our boiler is in Nigeria.

Views:14     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-15      Origin:Site

The delivery is 3 fuel oil (gas) steam boilers: 2T 5T 10T

And other boiler accessories, fully loaded with 4 cars, very rewarding feeling!

The boiler is ready to go.


wns 2.jpg•     Sweeping function after preset can improve working conditions of burner and extend its service life
•     The unique design of the large burning chamber can increase the radiation of hearth heating area and reduce the volume of the boiler and NOx emissions;
•      Smoke pipes box around boiler uses multi-level sealing approaches, which is easy for maintenance of the smoke box;
•      Furnace pipe is arranged low with a large range of water level safety. Steam evaporation surface is large, with high quality steam.
•    With a variety of alarm interlock devices to ensure efficient, safe, reliable operation of the boiler.


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