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Other News

  • [Other News] 【Our children's Day】Make sweet together

    June 1st is children's day. For this reason, we held a parent-child day activity -- making cakes together.Some employees of Wei Fu brought their children to the designated place to celebrate.

  • [Other News] How to treat the biomass pellet fuel boiler for water treatment

    Compared with traditional industrial boilers, the main advantage of biomass pellet fuel boiler is that the source of fuel is wide and the environmental pollution is small. By burning biomass pellet fuel, the water in the boiler is heated to the large thermal energy equipment in industrial production

  • [Other News] Electric boiler has more advantages than the coal boiler

    Compared with traditional coal boilers, electric boilers have many advantages.

  • [Other News] [exports] Singapore, Malaysia, here we come

    OverviewClick here to edit your content.Product DescriptionClick here to edit your content.Packaging & ShippingClick here to edit your content.Our Services1.Click here to edit your content.2.Click here to edit your content.3.Click here to edit your content.Company InformationClick here to edit your

  • [Other News] Industrial Steam Boilers Classified by Combustion Technology

    Industrial Steam Boilers Classified by Combustion TechnologyIndustrial Steam boilers can also be classified according to the combustion technology they use. This manner of identifying boiler types pertains to boilers that burn solid or petroleum-based fuels.

  • [Other News] Thanksgiving Day---Wilford's LDR Exempted from Inspection Type Steam Generator not in holiday

    November is coming and Thanksgiving Day is not further!Wilford won't have any questions about our boilers such as LDR Exempted from Inspection Type Steam Generator, its boiler water volume is small, with quick start of cold furnace,which can realize temperature and pressure rise during a short period of time. Built-in multi steam and water separation technology,quality steam . With multiple chain protection for water level,steam pressure,overheating ,which is safe and reliable. With ASME,CE,TUV, BV Certificates.you can also consult us about ASME stainless steel electric steam generator,LSS oil (gas) steam generator,etc.

  • [Other News] Wilford boiler celebrates Halloween

    Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition.Wilford boiler wishes all of you have a good holiday.If you have any questions ahout steam generator, oil Gas steam boiler ,or any other products,feel free to contact us,we are on weekdays all the time.it's not trick!

  • [Other News] Scott Storch is a legend

    Scott Storch shows off his mastery of the piano by running through his greatest hits from the early '00s.After years of personal trouble, Scott Storch is currently mounting a comeback, attempting to get back to the level he was at during his legendary tear in the early and mid-'00s. He hasn't shown

  • [Other News] Happy National Day

    The National Day of the People's Republic of China is a public holiday in the People's Republic of China to celebrate their national day, and is celebrated annually on October 1.

  • [Other News] Happy 2016 Mid-autumn Festival

    As Mid-Autumn Festival is also the Moon Festival, its legends are usually related to the moon. Here below are some of the most popular ones and they are widely told during the festival days.


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