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【NEW PRODUCT】WFQ Series Fully Skid-mounted Gas Fired Steam Generator

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-17      Origin:Site

WFQ Series  Fully Skid-mounted Gas Fired Steam Generator

Fully skid- mounted ,centralized steam supply ,could realized single independent or multiple units centralized control,exempted of installation and design.


● Integrated armored design, centralized steam supply, can achieve single independent control and centralized control, free of installation design.

● The furnace structure has good heat absorption effect, high combustion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

● The energy-saving device consisting of laser-welded welded pipe with advanced welding technology has high heat exchange efficiency.

● Fully enhance the heat transfer of flue gas, reduce heat loss and improve boiler efficiency.

● Full premixed combustion technology, low-nitrogen boiler combustion technology, full combustion, low pollution index.

● Fully automatic microcomputer program control, multiple data detection protection, high security.


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