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How to treat the biomass pellet fuel boiler for water treatment

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Compared with traditional industrial boilers, the main advantage of biomass pellet fuel boiler is that the source of fuel is wide and the environmental pollution is small. By burning biomass pellet fuel, the water in the boiler is heated to the large thermal energy equipment in industrial production. In the process of use, the water that enters the boiler needs water treatment in order to prevent the water quality from conforming to the scale of the boiler and affect the normal operation of the biomass pellet fuel boiler.

What are the water treatment methods of biomass pellet fuel boiler?

Chemical deoxidizer

Chemical deoxidizer consists of organic and inorganic components such as corrosion inhibitor, osmosis agent and oxygen absorbent. It can effectively absorb dissolved oxygen in boiler water and prevent the corrosion of dissolved oxygen to the boiler metal, and the chemical reaction produces no harm to the boiler.

Steam condensate treatment agent

The steam condensate treatment agent is composed of high efficiency inhibitor, acidity and alkalinity regulator, organic surfactant, film raising agent and other organic and inorganic components. It has strong permeability, can effectively inhibit the corrosion of acid water to metal. It has been used to purify steam, adjust the water quality of condensate water and prolong the service life of equipment and pipeline.

Water reducing agent

The water supply reducing agent is composed of high efficiency corrosion inhibitor, alkali reducing agent, catalyst and other organic and inorganic components. It can effectively reduce the alkalinity of boiler water supply, increase the concentration ratio of boiler water, reduce the amount of boiler sewage, and can obviously improve the coal steam ratio and water vapor ratio. It is suitable for low pressure steam boiler with high alkalinity and low chlorine content.

Anticorrosion and scale inhibitor

Corrosion and scale inhibitors are usually composed of highly effective corrosion inhibitors, penetrating agents, dispersing agents, alkalinity regulators, catalysts and other organic and inorganic components. Complex physical and chemical reactions in boiler water at high temperature can effectively prevent formation of scale on boiler heating surface and prevent boiler corrosion.


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