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Electric boiler has more advantages than the coal boiler

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Compared with traditional coal boilers, electric boilers have many advantages.

1, environmental protection, sanitation, there will be no family smoke everywhere, and there will be no cinder black matter everywhere.

2, labor saving. Instead of getting up early every day, lifting the fire, digging out the boiler and transporting the cinder, just plug in the power supply for OK. If you want to save electricity, you can lower the night's temperature.

3. Safety. In order to guarantee the room temperature, the boiler will fill the boiler with coal before sleeping, so it often has the phenomenon of coal smoke poisoning, and the electric boiler does not have to worry about it, it has the functions of leakage protection, water shortage protection, grounding protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, power protection and so on, boiler automatic protection, scale protection and so on.

4. The electric boiler can set the temperature and the precision is high. If you want a high temperature, you can set it up.

5, heating and bathing. It can also provide hot water for life, and it will be convenient and quick.

6, space occupancy is small, installation is convenient, operation is relatively simple.

Disadvantages: early investment is large, suitable for people with economic conditions.


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