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DZL Hotwater Boiler DZL Hotwater Boiler
DZL Hotwater Boiler DZL Hotwater Boiler
DZL Hotwater Boiler DZL Hotwater Boiler

DZL Hotwater Boiler

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 Water circulation boiler for progress on natural circulation and ejector,the left and right side wall as the radiation heating surface,the two wings of the convection heating surface,the drum arranged within the thread smoke tube boiler convection heating surface,with the smoke wall separation into front into a combustion chamber for combustion chamber,a boiler host outside stereo shaped guard plate shell.

The boiler adopts the latest research results,such as:arched tube plate,screw thread smoke tube,hot water boiler backwater ejection technology,solves the pot type boiler tube plate crack at the lower part of the drum,drum kits,water wall tube,the thermal efficiency is low,low output,poor adaptability of coal.
Combustion:fuel from coal scuttle fell in front of the stove grate,freight,coal preheated dry leave,ignition,combustion,the slag into the slag bucket,by removing machine always passes out of the furnace.Furnace arch adopts herringbone arch,improve the conditions for ignition,gas in the front,rear arch between the throat to from a vortex fully mixed with the air,combustion ,and then enter the two wings flue,through the front smoke box into the thread smoke tube,the cast iron economizer(hot water boiler without a cast iron economizer)dust collextor,discharged by lead fan and chimney.

Technical Parameter:

The main technical parameters of DZL series coal fired hot water boiler

Rated thermal powerMW0.7(600000 kcal/h)1.4(1.2 million kcal/h)2.8(2.4 million kcal/h)4.2(3.6 million kcal/h)5.6(4.8 million kcal/h)7(6million kcal/h)
The rated steam pressureMpa0.7、1.0、1.25、1.6
The water temperature/return water temperature95/70、115/70、130/70
Avaible fuel                 AⅡ
Design the thermal efficiency80.280.88082.380.380.8
The fuel consumptionKg/h129351.36931041.910891707.8
The  transport dimension L*W*H mm5200*2100*30005525*2440*34006081*2450*35008000*2700*35508000*2900*35508980*3200*3600
                Boiler installation structureThe  fast                    The  assembly
Detail Graph:

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DZL Coal Steam Boiler1

DZL Coal Steam Boiler2

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