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Characteristics and advantages of biomass boiler

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Biomass boiler? As the name suggests, biomass boiler is a boiler using biomass energy as fuel. It is a kind of boiler, divided into biomass steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot blast stove of biomass biomass, biomass, biomass, vertical furnace boiler horizontal biomass boiler etc.. This paper mainly introduces the characteristics and advantages of biomass boiler.

The characteristics of biomass boiler mainly has the following 5 points:


1, boiler using the most suitable biomass fuel combustion equipment, reciprocating grate.


Boiler in the structure design, compared with the traditional boiler furnace of a larger space, and arranged the two winds very reasonable, there are a large number of volatile combustion of biomass fuels to instantly precipitated fully combustion.


Control system adopts high brightness, Chinese display, famous PLC control system as the central control unit; the way of man-machine dialogue and boiler users to exchange information to achieve automatic, safe and reliable operation of biomass boiler.


The biggest characteristic of biomass boiler is: energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient installation and use.


2, fuel supply


Boiler fuel is BMF fuel, fuel by feeding machine into the top of bunker, and then by the spiral feeder into the furnace, evenly scattered in the grate.


3, combustion process


Fuel into the spiral feeder, here because of high temperature flue gas and a wind gradually, preheating, drying, ignition, combustion, precipitation in the process of a large number of volatile, violent burning. The high temperature flue gas washes away the main heating surface of the boiler, then enters the heating surface of the boiler, the economizer and the air preheater, and then enters the dust collector, and finally enters the atmosphere through the chimney. The non vaporized fuel moves to the back of the grate until it is burnt out, and the remaining small amount of ash falls into the slag outlet behind the grate.


4, environmental emissions biomass boiler


1.5% BMF burning ash about fuel, for the convenience of ash, a spiral slag machine back arrangement of the boiler, realize continuous cleaning. A dust remover is arranged in the tail flue of the boiler, so as to ensure that the smoke and dust emission conforms to the environmental protection requirements.


, 5 efficiency


The efficiency of biomass boiler is generally above 80%, type of boiler, burning more fully, the boiler efficiency is higher. The highest reached 88.3%, 15% higher than the average efficiency of coal-fired boilers.


Biomass boiler needs new green energy, compared to other boilers, biomass boiler has the following four advantages:

1, a multi-purpose, in the heating and cooking, boil water, bath.


2, super transformation system, start the heat transfer of low temperature, fast heat transfer speed.


3, low installation cost, heating equipment general safety: do not change the original equipment, heating pipes, radiators, general, water recycling to achieve the heating material source is extensive, inexhaustible, be desirable (such as rice husk, maize straw, rice straw, wheat).


: safety and environmental protection work, no small pressure, cooking, water heating, bathing and heating, but also suitable for boiler, greenhouse heating, large area heating, small and medium-sized hotels, not limited by season, can be used all year round. User exchange information to realize automatic operation of BMF boiler.


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