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American Society of Mechanical Engineers is founded in 1880.

It Mainly engaged in mechanical engineering and related fields of science and technology, encouraging basic research, promote the academic exchanges, development and other engineering and association cooperation, carry out the standardization activities, make the mechanical specifications and standards.

ASME set up the boiler machinery directive committee in 1911,and from 1914 to 1915 ,ASME issued a mechanical instruction, after which the directive combined various states and Canada law. ASME has become the world's leading engineering organization in the field of technology, education and research. 

In the United States, Canada, Australia and other developed countries of the boiler pressure vessel access, ASME standard must needed during usage.
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Review Process

Invite ABS quality assessment
Online application for ASME accounts, and submit an application
ASME audit information to confirm whether the 
application through
ASME JIU official two-day review
ASME issued ASME certificate 
to the enterprise
Review is completed, JIU submit the recommendation 
conclusionsto ASME
The two sides determined audit date
ASME to confirm the audit team member list
On April 20, joint inspection team of AMSE headquarter from the United States processed tense and serious factory review for Wilford thermal.
And Wilford affirmed by review group .They concluded that during past few years, the manufacturing process in the operation of the quality 
system of Wilford is qualified, the factory ASME boiler and pressure vessel products are safe andreliable- fully in line with the products involved
in the ASME standard specification.


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