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【Welcome】2017 Munich international brewing technology exhibition

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Drinktec is the world's leading specialty in the beverage and liquid food technology industry. Once every four years, it is held at the Munich Exhibition Center in germany. The exhibition brought together the world's major transnational corporations

Manufacturers, suppliers and SMEs, as well as important manufacturers and retailers in the industry. Drinktec is recognized as the preferred platform for global markets to release new products in the industry. Drinktec package

The entire industry chain of beverages and liquid foods has been chosen by manufacturers to display food raw materials and the latest production technology, filling technology, packaging technology and distribution programs.

And we also participated in this exhibition, sent a professional sales, you can come to our booth to exchange with them, they will give you some professional knowledge and answer your doubts, and sincerely invite you to participate in the exhibition together with us, thank you!

exhibition time:2017/09/11-09/15

venue:Munich Exhibition Centre Germany

booth number:B5-536B

Contactor:Ms Sonja.S


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