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Hot LSS vertical oil gas steam boiler get the customers eyes

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In this hot summer, foreign customers visit our factory  to check the situation of products, our sales staff received them warmly ; customers made the appropriate comments to our service and products, and give us some suggestions. And we also adopted the views and suggestions for the first time, and provides a very detailed information for customers Q & A doubts.

After the product is finished, our sales staff also carried out the delivery inspection.The  vertical oil(gas ) steeam boiler  of the furnace bile through the water pipe, vertical three return, the burner using top burning. The flame from the top down and fully unfolded, the flame process is long and burning full, each part of the flue gas through the three return heat transfer, greatly reducing the exhaust gas temperature, reducing the boiler boot warm-up and heat loss, Thermal efficiency. With the protection of the controller, the automatic recovery of the contactor anti-electric shock function, through the double anti-current and exhaust heat protection device to strengthen the safety function.

a.cold furnace start fast, short time to achieve high temperature and pressure;

b. natural circulation, can withstand large temperature difference;

c. with water level, steam pressure and other multi-chain protection;

d. vertical structure compact and beautiful, elegant shape, bright colors, small footprint to facilitate the installation.

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vertical steam boiler


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