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  • Q What is the dry back model?

    A Answer:The small smoke chamber arranged on the outside of the boiler barrel,which is a dry back model. As the high temperature flue gas directly burns the heat preservation material of the small smoke chamber, the heat preservation material is often burnt out, which is easy to injure people, and be unsafe.
  • Q Why use the threaded pipe in the second pass?

    A Answer:Because the heat transfer efficiency of the thread  pipe is high, the thread pipe used in the  second pass, in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  • Q Why use the light tubeaq of the hot water boiler?

    A Answer:Because the water temperature in the hot water boiler is low, the light pipe can meet the boiler design requirements . At this point, there is no need to use the threaded smoke pipe.
  • Q Why use the light threaded of the hot water boiler in the third pass?

    As the second return use the thread tube, so the third return uses the smoke pipe, which can meet the boiler design requirements, and will not increase the boiler smoke resistance, and the exhaust temperature will not be too low.
  • Q What is the hot water boiler applications?

    A The main used is for heating. After the heat exchanger, it can also be used for bathing, living water and so on.


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