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Electric Steam Boiler

  • LDR Integrated Electric Heating Steam Boiler
    The heating elements are completely submerged in water and completely insulated-high efficiency and minimum radiation losses . Using low heat load surface heating elements-- not easily melted or softened.
    Model: LDR
    MIN SIZE: 150kg/h
    MAX SIZE: 500kg/h
  • LDR Exempted from Inspection Type Steam Generator
    Boiler water volume is small, with quick start of cold furnace,which can realize temperature and pressure rise during a short period of time.
    With multiple chain protection for water level,steam pressure,overheating ,which is safe and reliable.
    Model: LDR0.012-0.035
    MIN SIZE: 12kg/h
    MAX SIZE: 125kg/h
  • WDR Horizontal Electric Heating Steam Boiler
    Above products are powerful horizontal steam boilers.Electrical heating tube with high quality with normal service life around 20,000 hours.Thermal efficiency is nearly 99%, environment friendly.
    Model: WDR
    MIN SIZE: 1t/h
    MAX SIZE: 10t/h
  • LDR Split Electric Heating Steam Boiler
    Each group of heating component is equipped with clustered flange connection, with independent design, simple structure, high mechanical strength, which is safe, reliable and easy for replacement.
    Model: LDR
    MIN SIZE: 300kg/h
    MAX SIZE: 500kg/h
  • ASME Stainless Steel Electric Steam Generator
    Vertical design ASME electric steam boiler is a new type electric heating evice ,which converts electric power into heat power .Its design follow the saety supervision regulation of boiler and industry manufactuing standard.
    Model: LDR
    MIN SIZE: 12kg/h
    MAX SIZE: 125kg/h


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