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Boiler Auxiliaries

  • Water Tank
    Boiler water tank is used in closed water circulation system, keep in balancing water and pressure, to avoid frequent opening of safety valve and automatic replenishment valve, frequent replenishment. The boiler water tank can hold water , but also play a role in the water supply tank, boiler water tank filled with nitrogen, can obtain larger volume to accommodate the expansion of water, high and low pressure boiler water tank can be used in parallel to itself pressure stabilizing system replenishment.
    Model: Water Tank
    MIN SIZE: Customized
    MAX SIZE: Customized
  • Chimney
    Mainly used for smoke extraction.
    Model: Chimney
    MIN SIZE: Customized
    MAX SIZE: Customized
  • Water Treatment
    1. high efficiency: the whole design of the water softener unit is reasonable,in order the effective exchange capacity of the resin can be fully exploited.
    2, labor saving: high automatically, no need to stay beside all the time.
    3, water saving: water softener device,the water production rate is more than 98%.
    Model: Water Treatment
    MIN SIZE: Customized
    MAX SIZE: Customized
  • Steam Header
    Steam header can also be called sub drum,it is the main supporting equipment of the steam boiler,and uses broadly in electric,oil chemical,steel,cement and constructions industries
    Model: Steam Header
    MIN SIZE: Customized
    MAX SIZE: Customized
  • Economizer
    It is he boiler energy-saving product, a boiler energy saver, which saves energy and environmental protection, reduces the boiler operation cost, effectively utilizes the waste heat of flue gas, and improves the thermal efficiency
    Efficiency and energy saving: using high frequency resistance welding of spiral fin tube (heat pipe) as a high efficiency heat exchanger, can effectively utilize the latent heat in flue gas, the boiler flue gas temperature from 180 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius, the utilization rate of fuel energy can increase 8~15%, improve the boiler thermal efficiency, saving energy, reducing operation cost.
    Model: Economizer
    MIN SIZE: Customized
    MAX SIZE: Customized


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